I’ve been a big fan of Dropbox for a while, and I use it to share pictures and video with family.  What is nice is being able to sync files in the background on a folder, so we can send each other updated files automatically without having to notify each other.

Recently, though, I’ve started using Minus for sharing files with friends.  Here are some differences between the two services:

  • Minus comes with 10 GB of storage free, compared with 2 GB with Dropbox
  • Minus doesn’t sync a folder like Dropbox – you designate files to upload, and the files are kept on Minus servers.
  • Dropbox lets you share files/folders with specific users.  Minus seems to only have ‘private’ or ‘public’, where you have to share a link to someone to have them access your files.  (You can ‘follow’ someone’s profile, but this will only show you their public files.)
  • Minus has a nice Linux (Ubuntu) version, integrated in the desktop.  The Linux version for Dropbox is purely command-line driven, although it does work quite well.  Both have apps for Android and iPhone.

When I share files with friends, it’s usually a one-time thing, so I don’t need to have a folder synced.  Also, the fact that the files don’t need to reside on my PCs is a plus in this case.

If you want to try it out and get 1 GB extra (11 GB total), you can use my referral link below:


(You could also probably find other referral links out there, too.)