In ANSYS 11.0, the undocumented VFSM command allowed users to specify that view factors should be scaled to 1.0. This was useful in certain instances where a coarse mesh and/or low HEMIOPT resolution may cause a closed enclosure to result in view factors near but not equal to 1.0. (In these cases, ANSYS would complain that a space node or space temperature was not defined for that enclosure number, even though a user may expect that enclosure to be fully closed.)

In ANSYS 12.0.1, the VFSM command has become documented, but please note that the arguments differ than its undocumented, 11.0 counterpart. Instead of VFSM,enc_#,1, it is VFSM,action,enc_#,1. (In this way, one can list the status of multiple enclosures or remove scaling for all enclosures at 12.0.1.)