Although not documented in the ANSYS 12.0.1 Release Notes, there is considerable speedup with respect to response PSD calculations in /POST26 (RPSD command).

This simple example contains 500,000 degrees of freedom (DOF) and solves for 200 modes; 192 of those modes are used for RPSD calculations with the default frequency resolution of 5 (PSD,STORE,5).

Here are the solution times on a 2.6 GHz processor EM64T PC using ANSYS 11.0 SP1 with a single core:

  • Modal analysis (200 modes): 922 seconds
  • Participation factor calculations (3): 56 seconds
  • PSD calculations: 700 seconds
  • Response PSD calculations (1): 554 seconds

On the other hand, the same model using the same hardware configuration yielded the following results in ANSYS 12.0.1:

  • Modal analysis: 683 seconds
  • Participation factor calculations: 33 seconds
  • PSD calculations: 24 seconds
  • Response PSD calculations: 93 seconds

As is apparent above, all phases of solution have improved in 12.0.1, including RPSD calculations which are a fraction of the time compared with 11.0 SP1.