The older VISCO106-108 supported the Anand rate-dependent plasticity model via TB,ANAND. The Anand viscoplastic model is popular in the electronics packaging industry to model solder; it is also used in metal-forming applications. (The Anand viscoplastic model can be thought of as similar to hyperbolic sine creep law with an evolution term.)

At ANSYS 12.0.1, PLANE182-183 (except for plane stress), SOLID185-187, SOLSH190, general axisymmetric SOLID272/273, SOLID285, and PIPE288/289 all support Anand viscoplastic model. The input has changed from TB,ANAND to TB,RATE,,,,ANAND. Note, however, that the input of the 9 material coefficients have remained the same.

(At 12.0.1, there is an issue if the material ID number is greater than 99. This issue should be resolved in version 12.1, when released.)